Yes List: Waze & Odyssey

The Spring time brings many a blossom, but one of the most exciting flourishes of aural planation comes in the form of Wazillius Odyssium… which is Latin for Waze & Odyssey. 

Appearing on the scene with confident restraint, these boys cannot be accused of rushing into anything. Having locked themselves away for almost a year, they've stockpiled ideas and are now making their way towards the ring with a fat sack of the good stuff.  

Their debut EP on Southern Fried was the perfect introduction to the W&O sound, which mixes elements of garage, rave and vintage house. 

The bass bumps, the drums swing and the edits are unforeseen - which is possibly why they're getting attention from many a well trained ear. These are the kinda jams you reach for at 5am when the fruit cake that's been gurning at you all night has started to look a touch too sober.  

So make your way towards the sonic allotment known as Soundcloud and get familiar.